Chelsea Latino Immigrant Committee (CLIC)

    The Chelsea Latino Immigrant Committee encourages newly arriving immigrants and refugees to become engaged in the political and governmental systems locally and nationally, to access educational opportunities, and to eliminate exploitation in the workplace.


    Chelsea Desea Sonar (Chelsea Wants to Dream)

    Chelsea Desea Sonar (Chelsea Wants to Dream) is an arts exploration program for immigrant children ages 10-14 who have recently come to the United States.


    Chelsea Tenants Association (CTA)

    The Chelsea Tenants Association (CTA) engages the community in campaigns to end foreclosures and predatory lending and to advocate for quality affordable housing.

  • Chelsea Community Fund

    The Chelsea Community Fund provides small grants to Chelsea neighborhood coalitions, organizations, and advocacy groups.


    Chelsea Voter Initiative (CVI)

    The Chelsea Voter Initiative works to engage and educate all members of the community about the importance of voting and participating in political processes.

  • Shanbaro Community Association

    The Shanbaro Community Association was created by and supports the 400+ Somali Bantu refugees living in Chelsea and surrounding cities to build a strong community and to resolve significant quality of life issues


    Girls Empowerment Group

    The Girls Empowerment Group is for young women ages 13-21 interested in meeting on Saturdays with a group of their peers to build leadership skills, explore educational and employment opportunities, share and reflect on their experiences, and give back to their community.


    Youth Riot Squad

    The Youth Riot Squad is a group of youth community organizers in Chelsea working on issues impacting youth opportunities


    English as a Second Language

    The Chelsea Collaborative offers English as a Second Language classes to help immigrants advance in the U.S. and reach their goals of stability and self-sufficiency.


    Chelsea Works - Youth Employment Initiative

    Chelsea Works is a year-round youth employment initiative in Chelsea. Through this important program, hundreds of youth engage in year-round work, training, and mentoring opportunities in their own city.

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Youth Lead on Housing Bill

This week, Youth Leaders from the Chelsea Collaborative visited the State House to advocate for a bill that will protect the privacy and future opportunities of children and youth across the state.