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Members at a Foreclosure Auction Sale protest in Chelsea. August 2012

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Chelsea, MA 02150
Tel: 617.889.6080
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Staff Directory

Gladys Vega

Executive Director

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.101

Gladys oversees the entire organization including the budget, fundraising and staffing. She reports to the Board of Directors.

Abdirahman Abdi

Organizer, Shanbaro Community Association

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.114

Abdirahman organizes the Shanbaro Community Association which is dedicated to the needs of the Somali Bantu population in Chelsea and surrounding communities.  He also coordinates the Harvard School of Public Health research study.

Yessenia Alfaro

Director, Social and Economic Justice Department

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.108

Yessenia oversees all of the community campaigns in the Social and Economic Justice Department. This consists of the Chelsea Latino Immigrant Committee, the Shanbaro Community Association and the Chelsea Citywide Tenants Association. She provides support, training, and technical assistance for all community organizing campaigns.

Norieliz DeJesus

Organizer, Chelsea Citywide Tenants Association

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.117

Norieliz organizes tenants in low-income housing and properties in the process of foreclosure or rent hikes. She also provides training and technical support for all housing related issues.

Madelyn Herzog

FoodCorps Service Member

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.100

Madelyn is working to maximize involvement in the the Collaborative's four community gardens throughout the city; and to increase the community's access to fresh and healthy foods. 

Flor Palacios

Office Caretaker

Chelsea Collaborative

Flor provides office maintenance.

Sylvia Ramírez

Director, Youth and Families Department

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.106

Sylvia oversees all of the community campaigns in the Youth and Families Department. This consists of the Chelsea United in Defense of Education and the Summer Youth Employment Initiative.

Dora Santaniello

Financial Director

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.105

Dora manages all of the Collaborative’s finances including accounts payable and receivable, creating financial reports, participating in annual audits, etc.

Shanbaro Community Association Harvard School of Public Health Research Team

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.114

  • Abdirahman Abdi
  • Zahara Haji
  • Chatur Lepcha
  • Hema Sapkota
  • Juna Thamang
  • Madhu Kharel
  • Nandu Shankar