Become a Member

Why Become a Member?

Individual and organizational membership is open to and encouraged for all those who support the mission of the Collaborative.  Individual members receive all Collaborative services and are invited to participate in all Collaborative activities.  In order to receive voting privileges, in addition to membership dues, individual members must participate in 5 activities / meetings / events within the six months of completing this form.

Members have the power to:

  • Elect the Board of Directors
  • At the Annual Meeting approve the Collaborative’s Annual work program and budget
  • Be part of a growing base of community Leadership and power
  • Have access to the Chelsea Collaborative’s Leadership Development Institutes
  • Get to know the incredible and diverse set of people who make up the Collaborative

Additional benefits of becoming a member:

  • Support in organizing efforts
  • Free training programs
  • Community updates
  • Additional resources and support for your activities
  • Have fun with people who truly care about Organizing for Change!

How do I sign up?

Download the form below and return it in person or by mail to our offices at 318 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150.

Download Membership Form

I began to learn about the Collaborative […] and I found a wonderful and exciting world where all my feelings of discouragement, of neglect, of being excluded little by little left my life. It was wonderful to know that I have rights. I feel accepted. I felt sheltered and protected, but it’s more than that. I felt like a human being, a human being. That is the thing that you lose when you come to this country. Here you lose that sense of humanity. It was through the Collaborative that I reclaimed that feeling of humanity and not only for me for all my family. I thank God for finding [the CTA Community Organizers.]”

Suyapa Perez