For Chelsea's Residents:

  • The median household income for Chelsea is $30,161 compared to a statewide median of $50, 502. Similarly 23.3 percent of Chelsea residents live below the poverty level compared to 9.3 percent the statewide average. Poverty shouldn't limit access to equitable housing, jobs, education, or healthcare. Help us ensure that everyone in Chelsea, regardless of income, receives the services they need.
  • When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spread fear and terror in our community, we united and declared Chelsea a Sanctuary City, open to all ethnicities, races, religions, and sexual orientation, regardless of immigration status. Help us maintain our programs that protect and engage newly arriving immigrants and refugees and empower all Chelsea residents to recognize injustice and advocate for themselves and their community.

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For Chelsea's Young People:

  • When youth violence is on the rise in other urban communities, we are developing more programs to keep youth off the streets and in meaningful workplaces, recreational settings and academic enrichment programs. Help us continue to employ nearly 300 youth each summer through our Summer Youth Employment Initiative.

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