Chelsea Community Action Day: We reached 2,500 Chelsea residents!

On behalf of all of us at the Chelsea Collaborative, our deepest thanks go to the more than 150 volunteers who joined us throughout the day on Saturday, March 18 for Chelsea's Community Action Day. It was a moving and energy-filled day, when we set out together to connect with every corner of Chelsea and ensure our neighbors know their rights and know that we stand united in support of immigrants and refugees in Chelsea. 
There were so many highs of the day - our City Manager's welcoming address and the fact that we knocked on 2,500 doors! We were proud to have such a diverse group of volunteers - from lawyers, doctors, and Chelsea neighbors, to students, teachers, and people from other cities - all dedicating their energy and day off to connect with Chelsea residents and offer support. Still, there were sobering reminders of our changing world and the deep fears that so many of our neighbors face. Chelsea used to be a welcoming community of vecinos and open doors. It was heartbreaking to see so many people afraid to open their doors. We can't blame them. We can only promise to continue our work together to demand safety, tolerance, and justice for all members of our community. 
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