Update on Chelsea Unidos por Puerto Rico

Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the Chelsea Collaborative has worked non-stop to mobilize community residents and partners and coordinate resources to send to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. We have been severely disappointed in the federal government's lack of a robust response to the humanitarian crisis taking place in Puerto Rico. At the same time, the outpouring of generous support from all corners of our community is a moving reminder of the good that exists in our community. All of us at the Chelsea Collaborative are here to be a beacon of hope, action, and relief to our fellow Puerto Ricans. 


The Chelsea Collaborative has organized daily donation drives and in the first week, we collected more than $50,000 worth of food and supply donations from individuals, the City of Chelsea, Home Depot, and New England Produce Center, among many others. Stop and Compare - our local market - has agreed to match any item donated to Puerto Rico relief efforts. Chelsea Teamsters are transporting all donations to Worcester to then be shipped to Patillas, Puerto Rico - a small city on the southern part of the island that was drastically destroyed by the hurricane.

THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed already! 

With the help of hundreds of volunteers from Chelsea and beyond, we've already sent the first large cargo shipment to Puerto Rico and supplies are expected to arrive to the island this Friday! Supplies will be distributed by a Catholic Church in the small city of Patillas, Puerto Rico. We've organized a group of local volunteers in Puerto Rico who will oversee distribution of supplies to families most impacted by hurricane damage. 
Our thanks go to everyone who has pitched in to stand with Puerto Rico. A large network of volunteers, partners, and sponsors have strengthened our efforts including the City of Chelsea, Chelsea Fire Department - Local 937, Yellow Glow, Roy Avellaneda, Teamsters - Local 25, UFCW - Local 1445, Painters Union - DC35, Chelsea Police Department, Chelsea School Department, Chelsea School Committee, and Chelsea City Council.


We will continue our donation drive for two more weeks.

ITEMS NEEDED:school supplies, dry and canned food, baby formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, first aid kits, hygiene items, feminine products, sandals, face towels, bath towels, batteries, paper products (no foam), toilet paper, paper towels, plates, plastic utensils, and shorts, sandals and t-shirts.

We are raising funds to send the cargo shipments as the first one cost $7,500 to send already. We're working with our network of partners to identify alternative methods for getting the supplies to Puerto Rico, such as airlines that may be able to send donation for a reduced fee or free. Donate now to help support these costs! 
You can also help by following and sharing our live updates on relief efforts via Facebook
Monetary donations can also be made directly to Unidos Por Puerto Rico