Youth Lead on Housing Bill

This week, Youth Leaders from the Chelsea Collaborative visited the State House to advocate for a bill that will protect the privacy and future opportunities of children and youth across the state. Currently, if a family is evicted from their home through the court system, any children listed on the eviction complaint will have a permanent eviction record. This can have a lasting impact on youth opportunities to secure housing or college loans in the future, as eviction records are seen by private credit reporting companies and landlords. Senate Bill S. 781 solves this problem by expunging the names of minors from eviction records. 
The Chelsea Collaborative is working with Mass Law Reform Institute to push this bill, which is sponsored by Senator Brownsberger and Chelsea's Sen. DiDomenico. We've led widespread community outreach to hundreds of our neighbors and raise awareness of the bill and the need to protect the privacy of children and youth in eviction proceedings. Access to affordable housing is a lifelong challenge for many of our youth and families in Chelsea. This impacts our young people in many ways - from disruptions in their education to unsafe living conditions and needing to work to help support their families. 
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