Chelsea Tenants Association (CTA)


The Chelsea Tenants Association (CTA) engages the community in campaigns to end foreclosures and predatory lending and to advocate for quality affordable housing.

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CTA began as a committee working to improve living conditions and leadership opportunities for residents living in low-income and public housing. Though CTA continues to focus on fostering leadership opportunities for those living in public housing, much of its work focuses on empowering families negatively affected by predatory and unfair lending practices.

Using education, direct action, and collective casework, CTA has accomplished the following:

  • Successfully prevented the eviction of hundreds of families in Chelsea since beginning our Bank Tenant campaign in 2008.
  • Maintain active membership in two statewide coalitions: Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending; and NEWROAD which consists of City Life/Vida Urbana, East Boston and Boston, Lynn United for Change, the Merrimack Valley Project, Springfield No One Leaves, Direct Action for Rights and Equality of Providence RI, and Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team. These coalitions work together to coordinate strategy and tactics and provide support to each other in the fight for principle reduction and against post-foreclosure evictions.
  • Planned and participated in dozens of demonstrations and public actions with the NEW ROAD network to demand an end to foreclosures and eviction, including protests in New York, Washington D.C., and a 3,000+ protest in Boston.
  • Established a strong partnership with the City of Chelsea and The Neighborhood Developers to fix housing code violations and to identify properties that might be purchased to become permanent affordable housing.
  • Successfully completed 3 buy-backs of underwater or foreclosed homes in Chelsea to the original owner in 2011 and 2012.
  • And more!

When I began to learn about the Collaborative, I found a wonderful and exciting world where all my feelings of discouragement, of neglect, of being excluded little by little left my life. It was wonderful to know that I have rights. I feel accepted. I felt sheltered and protected, but it’s more than that. I felt like a human being. That is the thing that you lose when you come to this country. Here you lose that sense of humanity. It was through the Collaborative that I reclaimed that feeling of humanity and not only for me for all my family.”

Suyapa Perez, Chelsea Resident & Board Member


  • Youth Lead on Housing Bill

    This week, Youth Leaders from the Chelsea Collaborative visited the State House to advocate for a bill that will protect the privacy and future opportunities of children and youth across the state.

  • Chelsea Community Action Day: We reached 2,500 Chelsea residents!

    March 18 was Chelsea's Community Action Day, when more than 150 volunteers joined us throughout the day to connect with every corner of Chelsea and ensure our neighbors know their rights and know that we stand united in support of immigrants and refugees in Chelsea.

  • Successful May 1st Rally and March Engaged Hundreds of Activists

    This year's Annual May 1st March and Rally brought out hundreds of residents and activists advocating for workers' and immigrants' rights and social justice. The march also featured musical accompaniment by two local bands: The Second Line Marching Band and Banda de la Paz. At the rally at Piers Park in East Boston, the crowd listening to speakers including a striking Verizon worker, the President of the Taxi Drivers Association, a Dunkin Donuts worker engaged in the Fight for $15, an affected restaurant worker and local activists advocating for the full rights of immigrants and workers.